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Rotary Rajkot Midtown
Diabetes Prevention &
Management Center

A comprehensive ultramodern Diabetes Management Center - A pioneer in Gujarat Geet Gurajari Society, Garden Chowk, Rajkot 360 007. (Gujarat) INDIA

About Us


Diabetes is a silent killer. The complications and sufferings are sinister.


Prevent, treat and manage Diabetes & other Lifestyle diseases.


To provide truly world class health care to diabetic patients at nominal charges.

To provide free service to the poor and needy diabetic patients.

To carry out research on diabetes and related complications to improve the treatement of diabetic patients and to determine strategies to prevent diabetes and its complications.

Diabetes Demon

  • Systemic life style disease
  • Lifelong disease – Not curable
  • Huge financial burden of treatment
  • Awareness is sorely missing
  • Lower middle class are affected too
  • Difficult and resistant infections
  • Mortality and morbidities are massive

Magnitude of the problem

  • 366 Million people affected worldwide
  • 4.6 Million Deaths every year - 2011 figures.
  • 62 million Indians diseased as of now
  • 1 million Deaths every year
  • 9% Urban Gujarat Population is already diabetic
  • 4% Rural Gujarat Population is already diabetic
  • 42% Gujarat cases are undetected

    *Source: NJCM Report

Irreversible damage to vital organs…

Blood Vessels (amputations)
Kidneys (failure-dialysis-transplant)
Eyes (blindness)
Heart (Heart attacks and failure)
Brain (Strokes and paralysis)
Nerves (numbness, ulcers, paralysis)
Dental (periodontal diseases)


Specialities at Centre

Endocrinology | Kidney care | Eye Care | Juvenile Diabetes Care | Cardio Vascular | Foot care

This will be the first & permanent point of contact for Life Style Disease Patients. Specialists will provide initial consultation & then form the complete plan of diagnosis & treatment.

‘High-Risk Kidney’ study enables identification of patients who are at risk and can be monitored.

Eye care will have facilities for regular screening, diagnosis and treatment of diabetic retinopathy and other eye disorders.

Special clinic for children with diabetes.

A department for detecting changes in blood vessels due to diabetes.

Routine integrated examination of the feet of diabetic patients. Fully equipped foot laboratory.

Laboratory Facilities

It will be equipped to test all major parameters of clinical pathology, Biochemistry, Haematology & Immunology, Microbiology & Serology with state of the art apparatus.

General OPD & Counselling

This will be the first medical point of contact for any patient. The Medical officer of general OPD will provide consultation & treatment to the patients & also refer to specific departments. Coordination centre will implement diagnostic and treatment plan suggested by Endocrinologists. It will also be equipped with tools for record keeping, tracking & overall treatment plan of the patients.

Awareness & Prevention

Prevention is better than cure is a proven proverb. Awareness about a disease is half the battle won. Educating and taking definitive steps to improve the life style, modify the diet and inculcate exercises has been and will always be the mainstay of diabetes management of our centre.


A full-fledged pharmacy will be operational which will fulfil the needs of the patients attending the centre. We intend to provide the latest medicines and insulin therapies to needy patients as subsidies rates.


A Project Of Rotary Club of Rajkot Midtown Charitable Trust

Project Committee

Kalpraj Mehta +91 9825223876

Jignesh Amrutiya +91 9825421144

Nilesh Changani +91 9825074525

Divyesh Aghera +91 9825075874

Atul Ganatra +91 9924108741

Dipak Mehta +91 9824213280

Project Advisors

Rashmi Patel

Dr. Vibhakar Vachhrajani

Dr. Niranjan Parikh

Vikram Sanghani

Bharat Mithani

Dr. Mayank Thakkar

Project Architect:

Kishor Trivedi

Ashish Mehta

Anand Shah

RCRM Trustees

Deepak Agrawal

Dr. Jain Mody

Hitesh Anadkat

Ketan Kakkad

Utsav Doshi

Our Medical Team

Dr. Amit Hapani

Dr. Animesh Dhruva

Dr. Ashish Jasani

Dr. Bharat Parekh

Dr. Bhavesh Sachde

Dr. Bhumika Kalaria

Dr. Bhushan Kalaria

Dr. Bijal Takkar

Dr. Bipin Patel

Dr. Birju Mori

Dr. Darshan Bhatt

Dr. Devangi Vaishnav

Dr. Disha Bhimani

Dr. Gajendra R. Odedra

Dr. Gauravi Dhruva

Dr. Hetal Buch

Dr. Jagdishbhai Dhakaan

Dr. Jatin Mody

Dr. Jimmy Sareria

Dr. Ketan Thakkar

Dr. Kunjal Mendha

Dr. Lal Rathod

Dr. Manisha Patel

Dr. Mayank Thakker

Dr. Milli Bhatt

Dr. Narendra C Thakkar

Dr. Nigam Buch

Dr. Nilesh Rawal

Dr. Niranjan Parikh

Dr. Nirav Mody

Dr. Nishith Sanghvi

Dr. Piyush Unadkat

Dr. Pratap Jethwani

Dr. Pratapsinh Dodiya

Dr. Pratima Parikh

Dr. Sankalp Vanzara

Dr. Shailee Mody

Dr. Shraddha Kathrecha

Dr. Sonam Maniar

Dr. Suna Mody

Dr. Sunil Mody

Dr. Sunil Shah

Dr. Sushil Karia

Dr. Tapan Shah

Dr. Vandana Mody

Dr. Vibhakar Vachhrajani

Dr. Vidhi Parekh

Dr. Vidyut Shah

Dr. Zankhana Sanghvi

Our Legacy

RCRM has been active in community services for more than 20 years and medical facilities have always been our focus and forte. Care and Concern to the less privileged is a core contribution, a pledge of passion.

In our own humble ways, we render a helping hand to the socio-economically deprived patients in and around Rajkot. We examine and evaluate patients, provide laboratory assessment, supply medicines and offer expert advice on diet, exercises and management of diabetes and related diseases, dental care, physiotherapy-all these at highly subsidised costs or even free at times.

We have about 1200 permanent members taking advantage of the diabetes clinic facilities; on an average 300 patients evaluated every month in the diabetes clinic and overall 1500 patients using the medical services every month at our existing center near jansatta Chowk, Rajkot.

We also conduct diabetes detection, awareness and education campaigns all around the city at regular intervals and detect unknown diabetics and provide care.

Rotary Rajkot Midtown is working relentlessly on following focus areas:

Disease Prevention and Treatment

Maternal and Child Health

Basic Education and Literacy

Water and Sanitation

Economic & Community Development

Peace & conflict Prevention/Resolution


Shri Jaybhai Vasavada

Shri Tusharbhai Shukla


Rotary Midtown Diabetes Prevention and Management Center